Kung Fu Vampire: New Music Video is Creepy

It’s hard to fathom an artist like Kung Fu Vampire of San Jose, CA getting his due shine, after all he’s a Hip Hop artist in a pool of rappers talking about how cool they are, women and money but as it turns out not everyone likes their music watered down and KFV has found a great deal of success through maintaining artistic integrity, not giving in to Industry Pressure and giving you his uncensored vision.

Vamp tours with a live band of pro musicians (Chris Paxton – Drums & Jeremy Pollett – Bass) conquering 13 International tours as of 2015. His music is featured on Saw Director Darren Lynn Bousman’s movie “Mothers Day” he’s popped up on high profile songs with Heavyweights like E40, Twiztid & Chris Webby, had an appearance on The Discovery Channel’s “Oddities” and has even performed at The Playboy Mansion.

His latest Music video “Slice Of Life” is a testament to originality and crosses boundaries into a real deal “horror movie” – Directed by Brandon Van Auken this video is guaranteed to give you Goosebumps and is part 3 of a series of music videos that have been released thus far.