Step into the realm of Kung Fu Vampire, where the beats hit hard and the lyrics cut deeper. Born in the Bay Area’s vibrant scene, this Goth Hop innovator has been redefining the game since stepping onto the scene in 2001. From his early days popping and locking to laying down bars while drumming in his high school jazz band, Kung Fu Vampire’s path has been laced with rhythm and rebellion. Albums like “Dead Sexy” not only smashed into Rolling Stone’s “Top 500 Album Covers” but also stamped his name on the map, proving his sound is as unforgettable as his name.

His sonic footprint extends beyond the booth, laying tracks for films and lighting up screens on TV, proving his versatility and reach. 2023 turned up the heat with “Black Heart Machine,” a project that stirred the pot with heavyweight collabs, including a standout track with Tech N9ne. This album not only showcases his evolving sound but also cements his place in the hip hop hierarchy. His contributions to the genre are undeniable, blurring the lines between music, film, and sheer performance artistry.

Now, as he gears up to unleash the Black Heart Machine tour across cities, make sure you’re locked into our Merchandise and Tour pages. Kung Fu Vampire’s live shows are the stuff of legend, from the decadence of The Playboy Mansion to the raw energy of the Insane Clown Posse’s “Gathering.” With 19 tours under his belt and counting, he’s ready to bring the house down once more. Get ready to be part of the movement where hip hop meets the shadowy edges of goth, and every track is a journey. This is Kung Fu Vampire—where the beat never dies, and the legacy continues to grow.

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